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The cult band “Bergluft” (formerly known as "Barfuss")

The band Bergluft ensures original Oktoberfest-atmosphere in the "Wiesnzelt" at Stiglmaierplatz
Bergluft live on stage!

The cult-band “Bergluft” (formerly known as “Barfuss”) ensures unique beer-tent feeling!

The band “Bergluft” (formerly known as “Barfuss”) is playing at the “Wiesnzelt” am Stiglmaierplatz during the Oktoberfest for already ten years now – and there is a simple reason:

Every year the band ensures a unique beer-tent feeling. When the tents at Oktoberfest are already closing the band is just getting started! Party till the early morning hours with cover songs, Oktoberfest-classics and unique songs of the band as well. Its bandwidth is enormous.

Our conclusion: This must be experienced live!


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