1. Marstall

Since 2014 the Marstall tent displaces the Hippodrom at the Oktoberfest. For the owners Sabine and Siegfried Able herewith a dream came true.
In the Marstall the guests can enjoy a mixture of coziness and cheer. Mr. Able promises superb delicacies and friendly service in a modern but traditional atmosphere.
The name of the tent is related to a riding school of the 19th century. Therefore the horse theme is omnipresent. Heart of the tent is the stage in the center, which is reminiscent for a carousel.

Beer: Spaten & Franziskaner
Seats: 3.200 inside, 1.000 outside

2. Armbrustschützenzelt

The Ambrustschützenzelt, which optically looks like an alpine lodge, has an ancient tradition. Since 1990 the tent is in possession of the family Inselkammer.
The tent is convincing with excellent dishes in a Bavarian-sporty atmosphere.
As the name already mentions the tent belongs to the old tradition of the archers. Since 1935 the best archers compete for the championship at the Armbrustschützenzelt.

Beer: Paulaner
Seats: 5.830 inside, 1.650 outside

3. Hofbräu Festzelt

The Hofbräu Festzelt is the biggest tent at the Oktoberfest. Each year the family Steinberg decks the tent with several centners of hops.The magnificent tent is not only appealing to the Bavarians, but as well international guests from all over the world. Experience shows that there is no limit to fun.

Beer: Hofbräu
Seats: 10.000 inside, 1.000 standing places, 3.022 outside

4. Hacker-Festzelt

Hacker-Pschorr is known as “the Bavarian heaven”. This motif is represented at its best in the beer tent due to the naturalistic painting of heaven in the pavilion roof. The owners Toni and Christl Roiderer establish a rustic and tranquil ambience through the elaborated decoration. Here does anybody feel like in heaven.
The guardian of the tent is the Bavarian angel “Aloisius”, known from the satire “Ein Münchner im Himmel” (“an inhabitant of Munich in heaven”).
Another special feature of the tent is the rotating stage.

Beer: Hacker Pschorr
Seats: 6.950 inside, 2.400 outside

5. Schottenhamel

This tent is the oldest one, with the oldest tradition and one of the most important tents. Because in the tent of Christian and Michael Schottenhamel the mayor of Munich taps the first cask of Oktoberfestbeer on the first Oktoberfest-Saturday at noon. Herewith the Oktoberfest is declared open.
From that point on you can enjoy tasty tidbits in an atmosphere which is really aware of tradition. Especially by youths and students the tent is much affected. There is even a box only for students in the side aisle.

Beer: Spatenbräu
Seats: 6.000 inside, 4.000 outside

6. Winzerer Fähndl

The tent of the Paulaner Brew is quite easy to find because of the 25 meters high tower and 6 meters high beer mug in front of the tent. But the inside is similary eye-catching due to the elaborated decoration. The owners Peter and Arabella Pongratz have furnished their tent with lots of love for detail.
This furnishing is the reason for the friendly but as well typical/characteristic Munich atmosphere. Guests of all ages feel comfortable here and also the fans of the FC Bayern found a second home in the Winzerer Fähndl. Therefore the tent is considered as one of the most traditional tents of the Oktoberfest.

Beer: Paulaner
Seats: 6.388 inside, 2.010 outside

7. Schützen-Festzelt

For the Oktoberfest 2015 the Schützen-Festzelt has been created all-new, with 1.000 additional seats.
The traditional Oktoberfest-championship of the rifle shooters with victory ceremony still takes place in the Schützen-Festzelt.

Beer: Löwenbräu
Seats: 6.361 inside, 1.187 outside

8. Käfers Wiesn-Schänke

The Käfers Wiesn Schänke is known as the hot spot for celebrities at the Oktoberfest. With a bit of luck one can meet here the players of the FC Bayern Munich as well.
With good reason the owners Michael and Clarissa Käfer are very proud of the mixture of great cheer, exclusive look and high-class ambience. Quality is very important to the Käfer’s tent. This is as well reflected in the extravagant and elaborated decoration.
Apart from Kufflers Weinzelt, the Käfers Wiesn-Schänke is open till 12.30 am, while all the other tents have to close. Therefore many guests try to get in at 11 pm – usually without success.

Beer: Paulaner
Seats: 1.140 inside, 200 terrace, 1.900 outside

9. Kufflers Weinzelt

The world’s biggest funfair and beer festival hosts a wine tent too. Since 1984 guests from all over the world can not only enjoy wine in the tent of Roland and Doris Kuffler, but as well an amazing view at the “Bavaria”. A well-known Bavarian statue.
An inimitable and gallant atmosphere awaits you. Uniquely you can order only wheat beer. Who is looking for Oktoberfest beer, won’t find it here. Furthermore the Kufflers is known for their great cuisine.
Wine enthusiasts appreciate the long opening times of the tent. Till 12.30 am the guests can party here.

Drinks: wine and Paulaner wheat beer
Seats: 2.500 inside, 550 outside

10. Löwenbräu

Hagn’s and Spendler’s Löwenbräu tent is first and foremost known for the “Lööööööwenbräu”-lion on the canopy, which is leading the guests to the tent with its world-famous rawring. But even without the lion the tent would be easy to find due to the 37 meters high tower.
In hearty-bavarian atmosphere Bavarians and international guests enjoy here their beer.

Beer: Löwenbräu
Seats: 5.700 inside, 3.300 outside

11. Bräurosl

The tent of the Pschorrbräu is especially known for the amazing entertainment. Their own yodeler amuses the guests with Bavarian singings.
Furthermore the tent offers many culinary highlights. Here one can enjoy traditional delicacies in homelike, rustic atmosphere.

Beer: Hacker-Pschorr
Seats: 6.400 inside, 2.200 outside

12. Augustiner-Festzelt

Some Munichs think, that one can find the best beer in the tent of innkeeper Manfred Vollmer, because the beer is still pulled out of huge wooden barrels like in good old times. These so called “Hirschen” are responsible for the smooth taste of the beer.
Here is delicious beer combined with Bavarian coziness. The atmosphere is very friendly and familiar. Everyone is welcome.

Beer: Augustinerbräu
Seats: 5.600 inside, 2.500 outside

13. Ochsenbraterei

The name says it all: it is the only tent at the Oktoberfest where you can find oxen roasted on a spit. This motif you can also see on the canopy of the tent of Anneliese Haberl and her daughter Antje Schneider.
Furthermore it is known for its rustic coziness, which invites to stay.
In 2015 the glasses will chink for the 134th time in this tent.

Beer: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu
Seats: 6.000 inside, 1.640 outside

14. Fischer Vroni

Since 1949 the Fischer Vroni – tent is in possession of the family Stadlmüller. By now the Oktoberfest would be hard to imagine without the tent.
As in the Ochsenbraterei, the name says it all as well: in the Fischer Vroni awaits you delicious fish grilled on a stick. Due to a huge open grill the fishes can be watched while being prepared.

Beer: Augustinerbräu
seats: 3.000 inside, 700 outside